SMM 2018 in Hamburg

4th (Tue.) - 7th (Fri.) September, 2018,

Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH -Messeplatz 1, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

Technical Support

For the best performance of coatings,

we offer technical advices from our dedicated staffs

to customers all over the world

Quality paints supporting global logistics

Marine Coatings

Supporting daily life and enhancing appearance

Protective Coatings

Nhật Tân Bridge, inaugurated on 4 January 2015, linking Hanoi and Noi Bai International Airport. CMP has supplied coatings for this bridge in Vietnam.

MOSE Project × CMP

CMP has been selected to supply foul release coating “BIOCLEAN” for the Venetian MOSE Project.

SMM 2018 in Hamburg

4th (Tue.) - 7th (Fri.) September, 2018,


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