Fact Sheet

We are engaged in total service in accordance with customer needs widely from paint and related products manufacturing and sales to coating management of ships, general structures, etc., contracting construction and consulting work etc.

Company Name


Global Head Office

Tokyo Office

Tokyo Club Building, 2-6, Kasumigaseki 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0013, Japan

Telephone : +81-3-3506-3951

Facsimile : +81-3-5511-8541

Hiroshima Office

1-7, Meiji-Shinkai, Otake-Shi, Hiroshima-Ken 739-0652, Japan

Telephone : +81-827-57-8555

Facsimile : +81-827-59-0017

Representative Director Masataka Uetake, President and CEO
Date of Establishment May 1917
Capital 11,626 million yen
Stock Exchange

First section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Code #4617)

Net Sales

87,729 million yen in 2020 (Consolidated),

34,170 million yen in 2020 (Non-consolidated)

Number of Employees

2,279 as of end of March 2020 (Consolidated)

CMP covers :
  • 1. Manufacturing and sales of marine paints, industrial paints and container paints;
  • 2. Sales of painting related equipment;
  • 3. Management and contract work for coating;
  • 4. Inspection of surface treatment and coating;
  • 5. and others.


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