CMP Products chosen for MOSE Project in Italy

We are honored to announce that our products have been chosen for the MOSE Project, a construction project of mobile gates to prevent flooding in Venice, a city in northern Italy. Venice is a city which was built on tidal land and is often troubled by serious high tide water caused by both land sinking and sea level rising these days. Especially during the autumn and winter months when some conditions including current, tidal level, wind direction and rainfall are met, the level of the Adriatic Sea rises more than one meter and a wide area of the city is often flooded. To save Venice - one of the world heritage sites from flooding, the Italian government begun the Mose project.

This project constructs sluice gates between sandbanks which isolate the Venetian lagoon from the sea. However, a conventional fixed bridge system would damage the landscape, so a new system has been introduced, in which the gates normally sit on the seafloor and rise via inflation when required. 78 mobile steel flap gates have been built and maintained for 100 years being repaired and repainted periodically.

Paints for structures constantly under water require a high level of anti-corrosion and anti-fouling properties, and more importantly, less environmental burden. After more than 10-year's assessments of paint materials and coating systems, CMP paints (BIOCLEAN and others) have been chosen for the project.


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