Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd. (CMP) unveil new products, utilising new biocide technologies.

CMP’s hydrolysis-type anti-fouling ship bottom paint SEAFLO NEO series was developed through such R&D on friction reduction effects, and has been adopted by more than 1800 vessels since its release in 2010. (Number of contracts as of Jun. 2017)

The initial phase of the R&D program focusing upon the new biocide technologies was finalized well over 10 years ago, hence since half way through the last decade over 100 trial applications with the new biocide technologies were continuously carried out on commercial ships and are now resulting in 10 years of ship outturn experience and data providing the confidence to introduce the new products emanating from such technologies.

  • Barge (2,703DWT)

  • New product on the left

CMP have been achieving/experiencing exceptionally high performances from the best combination of polymer and new biocide technologies in their product development programmes which have progressed throughout the many dozens of trial applications including numerous full coat applications.

Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of antifouling performing on ships with the new products:

24 months performance

(New product on left)

"SEAFLO NEO CF PREMIUM" which is based on zinc polymer technology has an extensive, well developed portfolio of applications which has broadened somewhat to various types of deep sea going vessels, which includes full coats applied to Sweden, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan based shipping companies who are keen to adopt the new technology, particularly with the current market demands.

  • 17 months performance (Chemical Tanker)

  • Full application (Container carrier)

"SEAFLO NEO-S PREMIUM" which is based on silyl polymer technology and has shown significantly superior performance “free from barnacles” during newbuildings outfitting periods at several South Korean shipyards since 2015.

A new antifouling patented by CMP is including a unique biocidal agent; Selektope® from I-TECH AB, is proving to be spectacularly effective in prevention of barnacle attachment and is confirming itself to be capable of delivering unsurpassed antifouling performance even when a ship has a long layup at anchorage or a long static period during trading i.e. for a few months. Hence the new antifouling is ideal to meet today’s demands and challenges from a market suffering from ship’s frequent off hire time or very low activity.

1 year performance after long anchorage in Tokyo Bay.

"SEAFLO NEO CF Z", includes a new biocide technology in the product ECONEA® (by Janssen PMP). This new biocide has already been fully evaluated in terms of performance outturns on various types of ships and is being proven to reduce slime attachment dramatically, to the extent that CMP has already commenced supplying this new product for several selected Japanese shipping companies to meet their demands. Also demanded from such discerning companies has been CMP’s premium antifouling range for fuel saving SEAFLO NEO “Z” series.

CMP is very pleased to introduce these new products containing new technologies and believes that they will bring a lot of benefits for their customers from saving the cost for hull cleaning as well as reducing the cost of fuel, even under the current vessel’s extremely slow speed and low activity operations.

14 months performance after 3 months anchorage in Singapore (VLCC)


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