Outstanding Performance with a barnacle-repellent boost

CMP launch a new antifouling capable of resisting barnacle attachment for up to 45 days.*

Following the successful introduction of the spectacular SEAFLO NEO CF PREMIUM in August 2016, CMP now makes available SEA GRANDPRIX 880HS PLUS.

Research into the utilisation of a pharmaceutical ingredient – medetomidine with CMP’s antifouling binders, commenced in 2008 and this has developed into the SEA GRANDPRIX 880HS PLUS antifouling product which provides outstanding performance against barnacles.

SEA GRANDPRIX 880HS PLUS can be applied to deep sea going vessels trading worldwide in service periods for up to 90 months. The product can cope with idle periods of up to 45 days** hence avoiding the need to conduct underwater cleaning.

  • *Consult CMP
  • **Single lay-up period

"Another solution to barnacle control"


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