Chugoku Marine Paints (CMP) provides the best performance with low friction Antifoulings “SEAFLO NEO Z series

CMP has been challenging to develop a new antifouling technology since 1917, and the antifouling products have proven the outturns of a world of ships in service for a change of marine environments and high performance demands. Further developments emerged from CMP throughout the millennium and the first decade of the 21st.Century. And since 2010 CMP has provided a great success by providing two truly unique products SEAFLO NEO series with a new technology and a new concept by Friction Increase Ratio (FIR) theory. The low friction performance is attentively evaluated by double cylinder equipment (*Picture 1. ) in CMP’s laboratory.

Picture 1. Double Cylinder Equipment

After the great success for 4 years, in 2014 CMP developed SEAFLO NEO Z series which reaches the highest state of development with the latest hydrolysis technology and an optimal composition and has delivered more than 1000 ships in total as SEAFLO NEO series and SEAFLO NEO Z series. Further, SEAFLO NEO Z series feature ultra-smooth surface and the highest antifouling performance with the latest polymer technology, providing ideal polishing mechanism in water, enable us to provide maximum 90 months specification.


CMP provides both SEAFLO NEO Z and SEAFLO NEO SL Z in market. SEAFLO NEO Z is designed with innovative unique polymer, unique combination between paint materials and ideal spray control (Picture 2) to be a low friction, and SEAFLO NEO Z is mainly provided in newbuilding projects. SEAFLO NEO SL Z is designed with the latest reliable silyl polymer technology which gives high durability for not only macro and micro fouling, low friction but cracking in a next docking.

Formation of ultra-smooth coating surface

The SEAFLO NEO series is antifouling ship bottom paints using high performance hydrolysis polymers, jointly developed by CMP, NMRI and Hitachi Chemical Co.,Ltd. under cooperation by the Nippon Foundation, the Cooperative Association of Japan Shipbuilders and Yuge National College of Maritime Technology. Thanks to the newly developed high performance hydrolysis polymers the SEAFLO NEO series exhibits an excellent self-leveling property, which enables formation of “low roughness and long wavelength” ultra-smooth low-friction coating films right after application.


Fuel saving and CO2 reduction

In 2014, CMP was awarded the “2014 Japan Environment Minister's Award for Global Warming Prevention Activities” for environmental contribution of SEAFLO NEO technology. CMP has contributed to fuel saving and reduce CO2 emission through the new technology of low friction hull coating.


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